Disease Prevention and Education


Kristen’s passion is to educate on chronic disease prevention and give people the tools to live a life without restrictions or limits. She give the skills and education to manage chronic illnesses and help achieve a mindset of empowerment and resilience. 

Kristen can educate on multiple diseases and disorders including Respiratory illnesses and provide movement lessons to help breathing and the movement of breath. Kristen is a Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE). This credential recognizes health care professionals who offer exceptional respiratory education to clients. 

Kristen has a keen interest in stroke and cardiovascular prevention, recovery and rehabilitation, and spent time with lived experience and as a Stroke Coordinator for a Health Authority. She has spent the last five years sitting on various national Heart & Stroke and strategic planning committees. 

Kristen can support you in various ways- Neuromovement and the Anat Baniel Method is highly effective for rehabilitation and recovery and Kristen can provide wellness and emotional support, health advocacy and individual client-centered education.