My Thank You

This is a short post on the immense amount of gratitude I feel for those people who I share my world with and for those who have reached out from afar, in some cases, the other side of the globe. I had no idea when I wrote what was in my heart, it would travel anywhere, let alone reach people across the world.

Someday, when my heart isn’t too fragile and my emotions are not too vulnerable, I will say a proper Thank You for those who have kept me from wallowing, danced with my convoluted dreams and wanted me to succeed more then I have. Someday I will properly thank my husband for putting my needs above his own, for getting up with my children when I was too weak, for being strong and carrying the weight of our family and for shedding tears right along with me.

However, this post is about the gratitude that I feel for the people that have shown me there are truly caring and compassionate people all around us. Whether it be within my own community with the people that have rallied around me or a single mom that sent me an amazing homemade card all the way from Glasgow. This is a thank you for the people that have reached out to me to wish me well. My heart bursts when I think of all of these kind, compassionate, loving humans out there in this world. It gives me hope for the future I will leave to my children.

Recently, one of these genuine, kind souls reached out to me to see if he could post my blog post on his website. He is a retired teacher that runs a nonprofit website that offers advice on journaling and writing as a therapeutic way to heal. Hat’s off to you Brian and the Journal for Life team. You found a way to help countless others through your love of journaling. The world would be a better place if we found a way to help others through our passion. Really, isn’t that what life is about? The world wouldn’t look so bright if we were to walk it alone.

So, please accept my sincerest heartfelt thank you for everyone that has reached out to me and kept me in your thoughts. Thank you for all of your compassion, your kindness and love. You have made my world a brighter place to be.

Here’s a link to Journal for Life, have a read if you are so inclined:

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