L. Syrnyk

Based on Kristen’s previous exemplary accomplishments as a Registered Nurse, Health and Wellness Educator and ABM Practitioner, I readily pursued the opportunity to encounter a new (to me) therapy.

With her gentle touch in strategic locations on my body and a skilled eye observing my whole body movement, I wondered when the “treatment” was going to begin ..... and .... it was over!! - leaving me relaxed, energized and grounded. Within 3-4 sessions, my awareness of the changes in my body became obvious. I had relief/comfort in areas of my body that I had accepted as discomforts that I would have to live with. I noticed increased ease of body movement, like getting up off the floor. And I walk straighter, taller and more gracefully. 

An effortless and painless treatment with immediate results! Highly recommended.

S. Nuspel

Being a nurse for over 30 years I have encountered many 12 hour shifts on my feet and have endured countless aches and pains. Nursing has been rewarding, but also very challenging on my body and my mind.

Through Kristen‘s TML therapy, I was able to connect my mind and body, therefore able to listen to my body and let it move gracefully. I have also had many years of dealing with stomach issues and Kristen has taught me to listen to my body and let my body respond and heal.

Kristen has a broad knowledge of nursing she’s committed in helping you to focus on your body as a whole and she will help you with gentle effective movements. Kristen approaches  interaction with her client to understand and listens to your concerns and gives you time for your body to adjust.

The overall experience is fulfilling and I see improvement in how my body reacts.

She has a great understanding of how the mind / body works.

Kristen is calm, gentle soul who immediately put me at ease.